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Jessica K. Shimberg

As a cantorial student in the ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal - Smicha Program, I would like to assure you that under the tutelage of Hazzan Jack Kessler, traditional hazzanut and nusach is alive and well - including finding new uses for Mi Sinai melodies by "resurrecting" dormant piyyutim. In fact, it was your use of the word Nusach that led me to this blog post.

Rabbi Mel Glazer

I agree with you meah achuz!
I am the only Rabbi AND Hazzan in Colorado Springs, and I continue to use the proper nusach, even chanting Lecha Dodi to the niggun of Eli Tziyon before Tisha B'Av, and chanting Perek Gimel in its own sad nusach. I learned nusach a long time ago, from Issac Wall and Moshe Taube, so you can imagine how much I enjoy hearing prayers chanted appropriately.
Sometimes when congregants daven without the proper nusach, I shudder for those gibborim she-naf'lu. That's when I take a bathroom break!
AND, nothing as an aside, I listen to you in my car, and especially enjoy your Chad gadya and 23rd Psalm, they both move me and I daven right along with you!

Benj Lunzer

Oh, Abe! I grieve with you! As our suburban Orthodox synagogue ever more firmly confuses the Yamim Noraim tefilot as an opprotunity for a kumsitz, racing through the text to the next piyut, sung to a popular tune, I cringe at the lost opportunity for genuinely inspiring the congregants. Give me that old time religion. G'mar chatima tova to you and yours.

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